True Love and heartbreaks IV

Judy Ama
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Sandra fell in love with Solomon and together they planned to marry.  They started living together not long after they agreed to marry each other. He even got a new job recently at a huge firm and had started working there. They were both so happy and she celebrated with him. He bought her a car and she drove the car to her office everyday.  He also had a nice car which he drove to work everyday. They were inseparable in the first year of their marriage.

Soon a new woman came in between them. Her name was Becky. She was his secretary. She was very voluptuous and had such features that women die to have. And she liked him. He had such a nice frame. He was wiry and still had muscles. Becky liked men like this. She started planning on how to get him. Everyday she would come to the office and sit down at her desk and begin to act funny. She will either cry a little or lay her head on the desk rather than do her work. He called her one afternoon when she was doing this and asked her what was wrong and she told him she had recently had her heart broken and needed someone to cuddle and care for her. He looked around the office as if asking her who that would be. She understood and was silent.

Next she bought a little teddy and gave it to him. Next she wept in his arms. One evening, he got home and her perfume was smelling on his body. Sandra perceived it and was in worry. She did not know what to do and talked to a friend. The friend took her to a woman who sold some attractive night wears. She wondered why and asked her.

"I told you, I think my husband is being chased by a woman and you brought me here?

The woman, Eva, smiled. When you get there you speak to the woman in charge and find out why I brought you here.

"Eva what are all these?"  Sandra asked as they got into the room where the different hot night wears were.

"Did you not wear this on your anniversary?" Eva asked.

"I did",  Sandra replied.

So bring it all back into your home, I do this too, so that my husband does not go running out to another woman not that I care!

She bought many of the clothes and left the place with her friend. When she got back home she got things ready and put them on back in the bedroom. He was stunned and glad to meet her looking so beautiful. They got together and he promised her that he would not ever date any other woman or have anything to do with any other woman but her.  She was so glad.

His secretary Becky did not give up, she started dressing anyhow and coming to the office. He was shocked to see her dress like that. He called her to his office and this afternoon she was so sure that she had scored one and that he was willing to have something to do with her.  She told him how much she loved him and how it was so juicy to date married men. She told him she had never loved anyone like she loved him and that she did not mind being a mistress. She told him that she knew he was yet to marry and that he was in a relationship with a woman he was living with named Sandra. He nodded.

Becky, you are a very beautiful woman but luckily for Sandra and sadly for you, you are not my kind. I like my women just like her. I don't like big women. I am sorry. I love her and I am not thinking of having anything to do with any other woman but her not now and not in the nearest future. I intend to get married to her as well. Becky was in shock. She felt so bitter and heartbroken. No man had ever failed to fall under her spell. She resigned and never bothered the man again.






Its ok.
Posted by nwambah on Mar 15 2013 @05:06
Well done. It means we have had another 'Joseph'. Ain't it?
Posted by Akande Mathew Olusad on Jan 23 2013 @15:37
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