True Love and heartbreak III

Judy Ama
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Blame it on the sunshine…

Ulumma was the new assistant. She was tall. Had a light ivory complexion. She was beautiful. She had her hair bonded in a pony tail. She wanted to meet the boss and had to look very formal. Obijaiku Douglas liked her the moment he set his eyes on her and he said nothing. He was silent he was quick to complain and she noted everything.

“What, you want to get a job there”                                                                                          

“Yes, I want to get,  the job, I need the job” 

 “I don’t think you know what it means to work here”

Days went by and she had started working. Obi was dying to tell her how he felt but he knew what office ideals were and things that could not be discussed within the office. He was on the top of his voice at every passing minute. They were the national distributors of a freezer brand. Documents flew here and there and there were duties at every passing minute. They had a lot to do. He was always on the top of his  voice. Ulumma was in tears. Midway she settled with some friends for gossip. They talked about his escapades in town and how he had various friends. Ulumma returned the next day to the surprise of everyone at the office. They had expected her to not come anywhere near the office because he was so loud and angry. But she was a good worker and she managed to settle and feed in accounts as well as sort out various documents.

She equally noticed that he was flirty with one Ogo. Ogo was a tall dark and pretty worker. She did nothing but gossip and chat all day and was not questioned because she had began a relationship with the boss as it appeared. Various transactions were carried out in the place and in all of that she sat down doing nothing but looking for whom to gossip with. Later Ulumma sat down with her and they chatted after Ulumma had taken a drink to him to drink and he was so happy because then he was very thirsty and would have had to go out for a meal and drink. They talked about various things until suddenly, Ogo said to her at once holding her hand. “ I am not a kid and when something starts going wrong I know. Keep away from my boyfriend. Obi is single and I plan to be the woman with whom he would walk down the aisle with eventually. I don’t know why you are acting all nice and pretending to be so hardworking to gain more attention, just stay on your own in this place. I have been here for eight years and Obi is my dream man”

Ulumma felt pity for her and for this was very unyielding when that evening Obi called her for a moment to have a chat with her. He seemed excited and stared at her for long. “Ulumma I have been watching you he began and I have serious interests in you”

“What about the woman you have been taking for a ride for eight years, you want to forget about her in a minute and take to me”

“I am sorry, I have been watching you and you are the woman of my dreams, you have all the characteristics of my dream wife. I am not asking you for a relationship only, I am asking you for courtship, though I cant just propose marriage to a woman I barely know, I am asking you of this so that I may know what you intentions are”

 He looked so humble and it touched her. She had never seen him like that before. He had seen her but waited to also witness her extraordinary patience and diligence and her character in a whole to take the first step.  “I found sunshine, so she should not blame it on you, she should blame it on the sunshine”

Women you want to find love but your attitude says a lot. Who you are, how you carry out your duties, live your life, care for those around you. Well I am not saying you should embark on a show of your attributes but indeed you need to show what you are if you really want love.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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