Is It True Love? (8 Signs That It Is)

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Have you ever experienced true love? Do you know its taste, its flavor, its feel? Can you recognize it out of dozens of other love-related feelings? Is love at first sight possible? Is lust part of true love? How important are romantic and sexual emotions when it comes to true love? How do you recognize it? How long does it take to form?

Love is probably one of the most complicated things to define in life. Each individual has his or her own slightly different definition or explanation for the word ‘love’ and ‘true love’ seems to be equally complicated to explain. But one thing is for sure: it takes a while for true love to come around, so if you are currently in a relationship and you are wondering whether it is true love that you are feeling or if you will ever get to feel true love by your man’s side, you need to be prepared to wait. Even though you might be already thinking you love your boyfriend, the truth is what you are experiencing might be nothing more than a pure state of infatuation, one of the early stages of love.

Once infatuation disappears and you start having small arguments and disagreements, this is when true love will make itself evident. Once you know that it is more than infatuation and sexual attraction keeping you together, and once you start feeling a great sense of compatibility, true love might be just around the corner, if you are not already experiencing it. While you cannot force true love, you can identify it and work on keeping its flame burning. Here are 

8 signs that it is true love you are actually feeling.

1.You give and don’t expect anything in return. If you have reached that stage in your relationship when you and your partner are able to give and share without expecting anything in return you have either entered the true love realm, or you are inches away from visiting it. Unconditional love is the purest kind of love there is, and it is a joy to experience.

2.He can always make you laugh or make your day. No matter how sad, mad, depressed, or confused you might feel, if your partner can always somehow manage to make your day, bring a smile to your face, and rebalance your spirit, you are definitely looking at one special person. And if you feel happy and warm inside again just by seeing your man laughing or smiling, chances are what you are experiencing is in fact true love.

3.You sacrifice a great deal for one another. Consciously or subconsciously, you both seem to sacrifice plenty of things for the well-being of one another. Canceling Saturday morning shopping sessions or beer out with the guys in order to stay in and cheer up one another or watch your favorite movie together are signs that you truly love one another.

4.You struggle to make things work. If you constantly read ‘how to improve your relationship/love life’ tutorials like the ones on this site you are definitely interested in making things work. You want your partner to feel all of your love and undivided attention, and this shows just how much you love him.

5.You can’t stay mad at your man. Even though his words or actions might have hurt you, you cannot find it in yourself to stay mad at him or seek revenge. That just won’t do it for you and you cannot picture yourself hurting the man you love, be it emotionally or physically. True love is usually responsible for humans forgiving nature.

6.You always stick to your word. When Around your boyfriend, you can never lie or disappoint him in any way. Morality and your conscious always seem to dramatically kick in and you find yourself doing what is right, even though it might not be entirely advantageous for you.

7.You are never jealous of his success. When you truly love someone, you cannot feel jealousy when that person is more successful than you are, if you are working in the same field or even the same company true love prevents you from experiencing these negative feelings. Instead, you only feel joy and pride.    

8.’Honey, what do you think?’ If you are constantly picking his brain, remembering to include him in your decisions, and consulting with him before making an important move, is a definite sign of true love.

If you are experiencing a few or all of these signs, you are one of the lucky people who are enjoying true love in their lives. Don’t let it slip through your fingers!





The word true love is very difficult to detect , sometimes we confuse infatuation and lust to mean true love . I only know that true love takes time to grow even years
Posted by viva4eva on Dec 20 2015 @18:43
When you are with someone you love, you will always feel inner happiness than physical
Posted by kgnet on Aug 05 2015 @16:13
Am not sure
Cos the heart shows more love than the physical
Posted by 1stkingz on Aug 03 2015 @10:24
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