As a member or a visitor, MN is committed to protecting your privacy. We have used the next few lines to disclose our information gathering and dissemination practices.

All personal information you have provided to us is strictly for MN use. This is to help us to be well positioned in providing our matchmaking services that are tailored to you.

We will from time to time contain links to other websites and therefore, will not be responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of those sites.

The information you have provided on registration will not be passed on to other third parties except when expressly permitted by you or when required by legal authorities.

We can if necessary, publish members' profiles on our public domain but in such a way that all sensitive personal information are withdrawn.

We do not sell, trade or exchange personal information to any other company or organization.

Accordingly we will destroy all personal information held on our database at the end of your membership or when request is received from you. You can also delete and destroy your information at anytime without requiring us to do that on your behalf by going to the Close Account section of our website

Contact us if you have any issues you'd like to raise about this Privacy Policy


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