MN 10th AnniversaryYes, folks, MN is officially 10 this October 2010! How time flies. We haven't got round to getting members to party hard as we would have liked due to some circumstances but never mind.. there's always another time. It just seems like the other day that 3 Nigerian friends, Flo, Maria & Larry got together to discuss setting up what is today known as MN. Since it's creation, MN has grown in leaps and bounds and have helped to connect many couples together in both Nigeria and abroad. To mark this occasion, we’ll be giving away limited free gold membership to the first 50 applicants [CLOSED]. Just send us an email with the subject line 10th Anniversary Free Gold Membership Application with your username. This will be based on first come first served basis.

In the Beginning..

..Was NDL and now MN. If you are a recent member of MN and ever wondered what it used to look like over the years then wonder no more. You will find below a snapshot of our homepages (some of the images are broken as it was captured by the web wayback machine). The first MN website above was mostly static. When members joined and were matched up, there were emailed their matches. Was quite tedious as you can imagine. Thereafter, we bought a dating software and used that for a year or two. Unfortunately that came with its own sets of problems as updating the features were quite cumbersome. We took the decision then to build the website inhouse. It has been so ever since. Today as a result of our dedication, MN has all the great features you have come to expect on any serious website which helps to make your time on MN easy and pleasant.

Looking Forward

Going forward, it's our intention to continue to serve the community by helping our members to make that friendship, romantic connections. In the near future, we shall be adding a content section on MN to publish articles/advice on romance and relationship specifically. Nearer time, we'll be looking for a few writers to join our team.

In closing, congratulations to us and for those of you who have been through the journey with us.


MN through the years..

MN at Year 2000
MN 2003-05
MN Present Day


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