Obviously, MN has it's primary target as Nigerians. But anyone over 18 is welcome to join providing you are seriously looking for a date or to network.

Everyone starts as a Standard member until they upgrade. All features on MeetNigerians are free to use except initiating contacts which will require a a basic fee to be paid - starts from just a few dollars/pounds per month!.

All Standard Members [non paying] can chat, receive and reply to messages providing a Gold Member has contacted them first unlike other premium dating websites! In addition, GoldPlus members can be contacted by anyone whether they have been contacted first or not. GoldPlusXclusive members can only be contacted by anyone with the same upgrade status but once contacted, anyone can reply.

Sorry, you cannot. This is your unique identifier on MN and we cannot allow changes. The only option is to close and and open a new account. If you are already a paying member and wishes to close your account, you will forfeit whatever credit you have left on the account but in some rare circumstances, you may be allowed to change your username.

This is accomplished by you creating a new profile and MN transferring your credit to the new one. However, such decision rests solely with MN management.

Yes, it does. But don't take our word for it. It certainly doesn't work for everybody but it does WORK for most. We are only encouraged to say this based on numerous testimonials we have received over the years some of which we have listed on the home page.

Some have found friendships, partners, lovers and even husbands/wives. So unless you try it yourself and give it your best short you can't really say

Well, nothing to do with us. All photos posted on our site is by default available to all to view - regardless of membership status. But some members like to exercise some control and impose restriction on who can can access their pictures. Ask them to add you as friend, then you can view them
Yes, you can. Just got to My Account > Settings to turn it off. When a profile is hidden, it will not show up in searches. If you must really hide your profile, bear in mind that no one can find your profile to contact you unless you are online or those you have previously contacted who are just replying to your mail. However, if you login, you will still show up as being online unless you login anonymously.

No, not at all. MN, indeed operate a fair, non restrictive access to much of the site. All standard members can reply to any message received as long as the sender is a gold member. Or simply put, one of the party has to at least, be a gold member.

The privilege in being a gold member is that you can initiate chat or send message to any member of your choice regardless of their account status and they can in turn send you replies if they so desire. We believe this type of setup offers real value unlike some other sites that requires payment from both parties. It gets even better: standard members can even initiate contact with GoldPlus members. You can tell by the + icon on their profile

To block or unblock someone go to their profile and click on Block Profile. You can block chats, flirts messages and emails to your mailbox. All blocks remains permanent until you remove them. To unblock, just uncheck the boxes and click on Update
MN is developed and run by a small team of Nigerians based in UK
To close your account click on My Account > Close Account and follow the instructions


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