Ethincity and Love

naomi omokaro
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Is love suppose to be based on Color or Ethnicity? the truth is that love is not supposed to be base on these things but on the potent chemistry that is ignited when men and women she some compatible features to get romantically involved. But that is not my case, for ethnicity have deprived me of my so called happily ever after, guys judge me with my state of origin " guy, that girl is form delta state, u know they can be hot headed".

This sometimes make me wonder, " should I deny where I hail for, so I can be romantic attracted to guys"( especially the man of choice". The most recent that left me with a bleeding heart was having a man of my dreams n watch it dissolve like it never happened, I wished it was just a dream, but the pain of it being a reality ameliorated the pain.

I thought I could call Efe mine at least, but the evil face of Ethnicity surfaced again this time with a more stronger force. We dated for years, and he couldn't stay away, always renewing d relationship,but when he came to knock the door of seriousness and commitment, the wind of ethnicity came in form of his mother, where was she all this time we were dating, " why now?" I asked myself. " I don't want my son to marry a Deltan, I want an Edo girl for him", so she said?. Who am I to blame, ethnicity or the mother? who had deprived me form the fairy tale life I dreamt of.




love shouldnt be based on ethnicity,for crying out we have blood running through our system,one God,we are one people,one nation and just different cultutre,language and is abstract and cant be seen but only felt,it cant be bought but reciprocated.its like fresh air and everyone has the right to air,which cant be restricted and cannot be decided for one to breath in air or not.therefore let culture,ethnicity,colour,language not be a barrier in finding true love or finding true happiness for the rest of your life.its your heart,your life,your cross,your choice and your wise and stand up for your love.Adios.
Posted by chiamanda19845 on Apr 29 2014 @20:39
You are right, love is not suppose to be base on ethnicity or color or religion, however, lets call a spade a spade, I was involved with someone of different religion in fact I am not sure what religion she belongs to but all that I know was that our relationship started well but when she had our first child I wanted our daughter to be raised with Christian values but then I started to see rejections from her mother....saying all sorts of demagoguery against Christians and I knew from then on that I am in for a dug fight. The point is couple should address these points before going further in their relationship.
Posted by babamighty on Apr 24 2014 @20:08
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