Love at first sight?

Tayo Rotimi
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Why do people say they fall in love at first sight, honestly I don't believe  in love at first. Maybe am more of the old school of thought who believe love is meant to be build up, nurture and fertilize before it can grow. How can you possibly love someone you don't know? Even though they say love never sees any wrong or fault, love fades and grows weak. I believe in being  friends first before  love can come in, when love is  weak, yes love grows weak,  it can't be all rosy every day, there are times when the tides of time  come between two people who really love each other, friendship is what will keep that relationship through that period.

That is why I find it laughable when a guy tells me he loves me after just two dates, common dude, how do you expect me to believe that, what really set me off most time is when the guy expects me to tell him that I love him back and when I try to explain how I feel they feel offended. Most time I think we humans prefer living  in an unrealistic world. That been said, do you believe in love at first sight?




love is a mutual feelling between two people,and it cant still be classified also at first sight.becos all human has different feelling
Posted by tracycute on Aug 09 2014 @01:11
Love is a word that develops in many phases...friendship I believe is one part of the phase. But there's some truth for some, love at first sight. Love is about what has transpired deep within and for some they're open more to the internal self than others who are more intuned to the mental self. I find depending on the individual love can begin at any time. It's true love that takes time to develop and grow...which comes from the seed of love that has been found in another whether you know all you need to know are not. The chemistry is there to invest the time to share and grow; depending on your own life experience about love it can happen at anytime.
Posted by eyeofbeauty on Jul 11 2013 @14:11
U can't honestly say, in a realistic sense dat u fell in love wit someone at first sight. All u re loving is d physical appearance nd even though appearance matters, u can't build a stable relatnshp on appearance. U hav to know someone, dia strength, weakness faults, strong points, weak points, d whole good nd bad sides of a person nd yet u Cnt imagine ur life without d person nd u accept it, now Dats love. I believe in attraction at first sight which can lead to wanting to get to know a person nd den love which leads to for beta for worse.
Posted by ezyjade on Jun 02 2013 @12:59
I belive in love @ first sight, what is love? Love is a strong fleeing in which someone has over something be it human,car,house is build in a minute.A minute gos with sight.some said dat love growns gradually yes it growns!if it said. dat love @ first sight, it dos'nt mean at d both partner is always on one side.friendship starts from sight,minute and gos 2 day,months,yrs.nobody is born with friends we make friends & build relationship with feelings,when u sight what u like or love feelings occure. So i so much belive in love at first sight. It works if u build it well
Posted by ogechi on Mar 22 2013 @15:34
The word 'love'is not much understandable nowadays. "Love is something that finds you, not you find it". This will definitely takes some period of time to mature. Simple.
Posted by Akande Mathew Olusad on Jan 23 2013 @15:45
The word 'love'is not much understandable nowadays. "Love is something that finds you, not you find it". This will definitely takes some period of time to mature. Simple.
Posted by Akande Mathew Olusad on Jan 23 2013 @15:45
Many folks mistake infatuation for love this days. Love at first sight is by no means realistic,but infatuation at first sight.
Posted by Solace on Sep 15 2012 @00:05
I won't necessarily call it love but when you meet kinda can tell if you want to go past the first second. In my opinion, Love is gradual and it is rooted in friendship. I can't be in love with someone if I am not friends with first.
Posted by Eccentricity on Sep 06 2012 @01:18
Hello fellow writer, for me I can say I have been seriously impressed by the opposite sex at first sight ie looks are really important and does raise the score on the score board. So lets say, I have fallen in love at first sight! Fine seriously, I think love at first sight is so possible, like as we know there is nothing like the love of nature, but love at first sight might not be the best way to meet a partner you plan to have a serious relationship with.
Posted by Ama Judy on Sep 02 2012 @12:33
Never believed and never will i believe in Love @ first sight, why? reason is the parties hardly know each other from adam. We humans are good at trying to impress each other to gain whatever is on offer hence we go any length to hide who we really are until the cover is blown. I feel LOVE will take its course if we allow the inner self dictate the journey to true LOVE. Well, true love manifests itself on getting to know each other's true desire.
Posted by shollyboy on Sep 01 2012 @15:12
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