True Love And Heartbreak II

Judy Ama
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If the story ended there it would have been tragic, but even now no one knows if to call the story more tragic as it goes on.

Ify wept over the sad incident and called on friends and kept weeping over and over to find consolation. She wept out loud and friends came around. Friends whom they had been flocking with and who had equally been waiting for the relationship to crash. They all came around to witness the scene. There was this goodlooking girl, seating on his bed barely dressed. She grabbed her dress as she was quickly taken and beaten up by Ify. Ify beat her blue and black and could not be satisfied with that. She cried on top of her voice and called people. She had been hoping that their relationship would lead to marriage and had been saying that to the derisive laughter of people who felt they knew better. There was no way this girl would give up.

She kept saying over and over again, my heart cannot be damaged like that. I bruise easily and I have a self esteem, besides I fell in love but to hell with that. We were dating.

It would be interesting to note that later, that same Ify kept to her word. Their relationship went on. She would not give up, guarding him off girls and keeping by his side. He kept on complaining to his friends who would take him on outings to forget the matter. It was there that he met a notorious group of men who were also very much into using women and being unfaithful to their partners. They called themselves, ‘tough boys’. He became interested and they allowed him in, because they liked his jokes and his attitude.

Years later he left school and Ify soon left school and kept by his side. He started buying things for her and calling her his baby. This made her very excited.  He started buying her gifts and saying to her that every man needed a good woman by his side who could weather the storms and he had found his own girl. He confessed that he loved her and indeed he did and this was what confused everyone. How could this man love Ify so much and she be so sure and yet he was cheating. She asked the question to a friend who told her that he liked her because obviously she was pretty and voluptuous and no man in his right senses would not like such a pretty woman to stand by his side, but that he had no deep rooted affections for her. She became care free and commented that she did not need the deep rooted affections and all she needed was to go on with her heart, because she also loved him.

His mother was on his neck to get married and find a good girl for him to marry. Her heartbreaks became endless when she noticed he was with one girl after another time after time. He was still in that notorious group and they went along with all kinds of women. They came back home late and Ify had to watch all this. He happened to be from a wealthy home and they showed no support to Ify who was not from a very wealthy home. She had no one to turn to, to support her and call her husband to order. She kept the secret of her worries deep down and barely spoke much. She kept giving excuses for him. Soon she started contemplating suicide and tried to make him see reason. He decided that he would divorce her that he was a man who loved to have various women who were as crazy as he was and he did not want any wife to hold him back. She wept deeply knowing he was going to leave her and her baby. He did. This was the second and the worst heartbreak and he vowed never to return.




Well said ECCENTRICITY, there is no blind Love but blind people, surely Ify had been the blind one in this case but the decision is hers' now- to stick or detach?.
Posted by shollyboy on Sep 14 2012 @14:37
In your first writeup, I wrote that the heartbreak wasn't your fault and I meant that based on what you had written. With this one, I'm afraid I have to say. . .Your Heartbreak is absolutely YOUR FAULT. I'm sorry but you had all the warning signs, he made no attempt to conceal who...what he was yet you clung on like a limpet.

Sometimes, you have to wonder what goes through some girl's minds, why do they take on any ol' Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along no matter how badly behaved just to say they are in a relationship. Wouldn't one rather be single and live an okay life than stuck in a married life steeped in depression?

The lesson here should be - Women know when to let go.
Posted by Eccentricity on Sep 06 2012 @01:03
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