True Love And Heartbreak 1

Judy Ama
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It seems some are lucky while others always end up bandaging their hearts. Why do fools fall in love indeed. It seems too hard to guess, especially when it is always said that love is so hard to come by these days. We just have people hooking up and getting married. I have three sisters and all three found love. My second sister is getting married soon and it was love. She was his childhood sweetheart. It was always Edward this Edward that, we were neighbours and today they are preparing for their marriage. My older sister, who is just before me, met this nice guy from the Niger delta and today he is so in love with her and lavishes and indulges her in various gifts after another. I have been out here on the internet meeting one person after another and it has been a different story. I decided that maybe I am not lucky and should just stay by the corner and watch and hope things turn out fine anyway. I would leave the details of their lives for another time, however I am dealing with the other side of the story. When the hope for love boomerangs and you are at the water-loo of misery. This is what my first story is about.


He was known for his randy ways, a total heart robber. A heart thief. Ify was not new on campus and she had heard a lot about him. Yet at a time like this what do you expect a young girl to do when a guy walks up to her, run away? Well maybe months later she would be wishing she did. He was a smooth talker and even if she had vowed not to listen to him she got caught up in the conversation. She was just leaving the hall after an exam and had taken the time to freshen up her face with some make up when he came and started the conversation. She had tried by waving her hand off but the man in question was impossible, with the best of his charms he had taken her hand and uttered' "Just a walk"
He looked charming in this multi-coloured shirt he was wearing and she tried hard not to look at his handsome face with the matching dimples, or his arms and shoulders. With all this charm he managed to get her to accept a date. It was on Saturday and to an eatery close by. The school's most visited eatery. It would be nothing special and it was early in the evening. She told her friend and wished later that she had listened.
"What! Ify, Baby, What did he say to change your mind" Wait we all know him, he is such a smooth talker. Ify that is how it starts. You are so young and new to school, a fresher and such a charming young girl. I don't want your heart to get shattered"
"Look girls I am not a kid it is just a date. I am just playing along. I know what he is" She replied.
"Really, Ify, Baby, with all that make up, you certainly look like you are out to impress someone"
"Give me a break please. I am not a kid. I am eighteen. I spent a year at home helping my mother with her petty trade. I have been through a lot in life to know my left from right and I am not barbie or baby as you call me, I am Ify, and I am not silly."
"Wait what was the trick, he knows your best star, or your best song is his best song or what?"
She shook her head, it was actually something similar, his best holidays he spent in a state she loved and all the picturesque elements of the city, the landscape, the weather, the setting and all had intrigued them both. She had some second thoughts.
At the eatery they listened to some music and he began to tell her how he regretted all his escapades. He came out clean and did not pretend to be a different person and he said this time he was serious. The truth got to her and along with his charms and her desire to get involved with this handsome stunner, she gave in.
A month later, she spent the night in his room outside school...
"I knew he would deceive you. What! So you spent the night at his room. They yelled and were so bitter. She said she wanted to give love a chance and hoped it would work.
"I love you with all my heart and you would always remain the only girl to have gotten into my heart this way" She went over the words and pondered on them and took the relationship to another level where she would become a partner and friend.

She started even cooking for him and people watched and talked with amazement, glee and gloom on how the relationship would crash. It did later. One faithful evening she caught him in his room with another girl. So this is how she plunged into deep waters knowingly.

"I deserve my fate. She later confessed weeping. "His looks and charms got to me and I fell, yes, I fell in love and now I have to fall out of it because love does not exist, but I blame everything though on pride. In my pride, I felt I could not be dumped like the other girls who were also good-looking. I have learnt my lesson, to not be so conceited and here is the advice I did not take. Please when you see trouble, don't brave it, avoid it." Maybe this would help a lot as the secret to avoiding heartbreaks. About falling in love, get a grip and avoid trouble.

See this is just a a story but the experience of certain people. You can comment on this. I wish my sister, Happy Married Life!

Thanks for your comments.




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dear Jude, what happend has happend i advice u to kept it out of ur mind.True love,friendship,and marriage is an institutionalize that we can not finish leaning till death.and Never forget that you have many
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