Unrealistic Expectations In Relationships

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I discovered that most people that goes into relationship often expect to get from the other party what  they themselves cannot offer in return...and that is what I  called unrealistic expectations.

People intentionally tell lies and still  expect to hear the truth from their partners.

There is indeed a high level of self deception among people seeking to develop new relationships in social networks or even via physical contacts.

Men play games on women while women play games on men in return....the  question is, who is fooling who? The answer is that both men and women are fooling each other.

In Nigerian context, its often the case that every average woman has a financial attachment to dating a man, in other words it's expected that a man must be financially bouyant before he could keep a female friend.

Based on this fact, women no longer find comfort in the arms of their peer groups or age mates, they prefer to date men with a wider age margin for the sake of financial benefits.

In view of the current scenario, youngmen in return resorted to telling lies and making of empty promisses in attempt to win the love of their dream girls. In most cases ,the girls often fall for the cheap  lies so long as what they heard is the exact words they want to hear from the men.

However, I put the entire blame on economic hardship that is prevalent in  our society.

If every girl could get all the support she need from her parents and even from the social welfare, there might not be need for high dependecy on a male partner and as a result, the tendency to date a man will be soley centered on love  and mutual understanding and not based on the financil benefits that wil be derived from relationships.

Conclusively, if there should be a reduction in the quest for crass materialism among the youth or what seems to be a like competition among youngsters, it means that people should always be themselves, and live life according to their income.

By so doing, it will result that people should enter  relationship freely  for the purpose of love without attaching some unrealistic expectations  from each other.




So what is love? without the crazy expectations. Only God do agape love. Men also look for s reason to go in to relationship with women.
Infart in my experience Men never date without having a reason. The reason might be as simple somebody to cook for them. Everybody expect something in return for something any relationship not only the one between a man and a woman. So please let people except just find the person that can provide the expectations and beyond!!!
Posted by buttercup24 on Sep 20 2012 @00:15
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