How to handle ladies in relationships

ugochukwu augustine
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It will surprise you to know that a lot of men beat up women or ladies either in a relationship or marriage. Often times this occurs because many men don't understand the nature of women.

1) Women are babyish in nature.They want to be pampered even if they are wrong in the act. Men should tell them that they are wrong calmly. Remember you are the leader. Lead her ,You are the head be  ahead of her both in  tolerance and patience.That does not mean you should not tell her that she is wrong when she is but gently influence her with your actions and not with your intimidation an brutality .

2) They are highly emotional. When they are angry they can cross the line to tell you anything.But remember she may be saying how she feels but not what she thinks. Don t judge her at that time or attack her  .Allow her to calm down . When this occurs then two of you can think and sort things out. Watch out for the appropriate time to talk.

3)Nurture her emotion. Because they are very emotional  appreciate her and tell her when she is beautifully dressed. If she is not correct in anything, tell  her lovingly and turn to a joke not expensive one. Remember you are the bridegroom while she is the groom .Therefore you have to groom her .

4)Basic needs. you should try to provide some of her basic needs of life. I can remember a lady who abandoned  her boyfriend after dating the boy for six years because the guy was not able to provide some of her basic needs of life. When I asked the lady why she did what she did, she said the guy was not giving her money for hair making. However   this does not mean the lady or woman should not work to generate money for herself but  she will be more joyful  if complements what she generates from what she gets from her man. Women like somebody whom they can run to for help whenever the need arises.  That is why they always seek a man who is trustworthy.

5)Tell her who you are early. Many men try to pretend when they meet a lady for the first time. They will try to be what they are not. Some men will tell lies in order to impress the lady. This is wrong.

 It is worthy of note that ladies need security from any man whom they want to love deeply. They need emotional securit that is love. They need financial security that is the provision of basic needs  which i mentioned earlier. And lastly, they need social security : that is they want to understand you and your family as I said ealier tell her who you are not lies just because you want take her to bed only. Life continues after that.




Love. A true woman seeks a simple, honest, handsome gentleman who will love all about her, and show her that she needs not look any further.

Women are so easy to lure and love, but not all men know how to work that magic.
Posted by nnennee on May 30 2013 @01:35
All what you have said here are a true talk, man should see him self as a head of the house and moreso as father to her woman. Dont just say i have pay for ur bride price and i can do to you the way i like is not good like that man are to pamper their woman by so doing he is going to gain her woman mind.
Lady to should not see themself to big what ever ur man give u be contented with it. There is one thing that do give m concern, why many lady do complain and they are after a man that has money, i do ask this that is money everything? To me what i tink mata most is love, ho did your partner love you?
Finally the both shld see themself as one not that you are one while ur partner is also one. Is like a branch in a tree if it get dry in a short time it will cut of that is how partner are, se urself as one not two.
Posted by Ayano Joel Godwin on May 20 2013 @05:25
It is true those qualities mentioned above are what most women want, however, in our society today women want a lot more and that is the number one problem facing our society today. Go figure!
Posted by babamighty on May 07 2013 @00:14
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