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Let me ask you some questions here before we proceed:

Are you truly that most wanted attracted man every woman strongly desires to be with?

A man who:

Cannot be bought?

Who do not hesitate to take chances?

Who put character above wealth?  

Whose word is their bond? Who are larger than their vocations?

 Who possess opinions and a will? Who will not lose their individuality in a crowd?  

Who is not afraid of becoming successful by taking risk(s)?

Who is not afraid of making an attempt?  

Who is honest in small things as well as in great things?

Who does not say do it because everybody also does it?

Who will make no compromise with wrong? 

Who believes in planning?

Who are true to their friends through good & evil report, in adversity as well as in prosperity?

Who are not ashamed or afraid to stand for the truth when it is unpopular?  

Who understands that a journey of 100 miles starts with a step? Who takes risk for his spouse?

Who is truly whom/what he says he is?

Who does not procrastinate? Whose ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desire?

Who is not ashamed of the Gospel?

Are you the man who possesses all the above-mentioned?
If yes, then YOU WON!!!

Now, count yourself as the Most Wanted Attractive Man most women desires to be with.

Impossibility thinker:

The type that looks for reason(s) why something can't be done instead of searching for ways of solution?

Do you imagine the opposition you will encounter without imagining the support you may expect?

Do you make decisions out of fear?  

Do you move ahead only when you have every single fact?

Do you have a tendency to demand a guarantee of success before you begin?

Are you a man of fire extinguisher? Do you tend to resist new ideas & prefer to do things the way you have always done them?

 Are you selfish even to the least? Do you most times act sudden without proper planning?

 Are you a procrastinator?

Are you ashamed of the Gospel?

If your answer to the above second section questions is yes, then it means - the chances are very good that you are suffering from an impossibility complex.
But you can still overcome it by studying & practicing the below tips accordingly, including your daily prayers:


All about being the most wanted attractive man is to possess the strength to love another, most especially; your wife or fiance. A man doesn't need to dominate over others.

(1) To be the most wanted man is to experience the courage to accept another, not the compulsions to be an aggressor.
(2) To be free to give true love & ready to accept love in return, not just in words, but in
(3) To ensure you meet the urgent need of your partner instead of none. Not selfishly seeking for yours only.
(3) To keep faith with human values in your relationship. Not to be giving several alibis of not getting things done. Not to value only yourself with your tight-schedules or personal engagements, position or possessions.


No matter how self-reliant, holy, Angelic, spiritual or religious a woman maybe, even with her intelligence, capability, drive & seems dominant. Naturally, there is still something within her that wants to Lean on a man. She would like to be swept-off her feet & expects to be treated with gentleness & strength from her man.
These gentleness & strength treatment may not be easy if you do not possess it as a man, but you can work at it. Though you may make mistakes but, with patience, focus & determination, you can satisfy her inner need for emotional security with a quiet strength that is gentle & loving.

To be the most wanted man she desires in her life; then, you must stop criticizing & condemning her. Criticism & condemnation can produce numerous negative results in your partners life. She may become deeply depressed through repressing her hostility. Treat her like a Queen if you really want the best from her.

Some men are usually less sentimental than women & feel less-concerned about little things which involve their women, like birthdays, ceremonies/functions, anniversaries gifts etc. And all these little gestures mean much to women.   Love is not only just a feeling, it also involves positive actions, which can mean a great deal to every woman.

NOTE: Biblically, God gave His only begotten Son just because love. Which simply mean the only authentic prove of love is - giving.

You can give without loving, but you cant love without giving. Therefore, give your gift (big or small), care, security, time, give anything givable to her & also give your.

Let me gist you here:
A friend of mine who is married told me that She wouldn't want to remind her husband of her birthdays, that if she does so; that takes all the fun out of it. Again, that she dislikes being the one who makes all the suggestions about going out for fun. That she loves it if her husband should initiate something as the family leader, take the lead, show her that he truly cares & plan something without asking her.
This is exactly a legitimate female's need & a man must recognize it, if he truly wants to be that most wanted attractive & adequate partner every woman cherish & admires.

Women are not identical in their needs. But generally tend more often than men to require a sense of togetherness. A wife or fiance may often want more of her partner's time & attention than he feels like giving her. She needs your time whether you're far or near. Yea!
If you are not in the same location with her, then give her your telephone time or email time, whichever way you can, do it as much as possible & do not compete with her. Time is time. Ok!
Togetherness does not imply that you must go through life hand-in-hand or always enjoying identical things to the same degree. Partially No!   But you should respect her needs & compromise cheerfully when necessary, if you truly want to be the most want attractive man. Yea!

Do you know why?
It is because women are naturally created to find favour from men. So, its not her fault!
Therefore, endavour to be the best in the game.   She's fit to be found!

I wish you a winner in this contest!

Joy Levi




@Joy Levi I am me... Take it or leave... The perfect man/woman exists in the beholder not scripted cliches that fry your individuality.
Posted by tinee on Jan 28 2014 @13:17
Posted by favourjohn on Jan 18 2014 @01:18
God know's best
Posted by tossai on Jan 14 2014 @16:12
Yes,the most important thing in ones life is the fear of God it sustains relashionship.any body who fear God wud not like to cheat,betray,will do anythin poossible to make his woman happy.will alway put smiles on his womans face. am caring,loving.I hate cheating with all my heart,I can do anything for love.THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE MAJOR in my life.
Posted by victor36 on Jan 08 2014 @10:28
I'm always ready to exploit the best in me . And my desire is to have that virtue woman
Posted by ndijah on Jan 06 2014 @19:48
I am who I am this is me
Posted by easyboy14 on Jan 04 2014 @23:38
.........what about when a man does all these things, the woman in question dwelling in her past utlized the opportunity of the niceness of them to see him as a weak man, thereby causing the man to go into depression? I know of two men who this had happened to? The first lady told him that she finds his readiness and love too much, hence she cannot withstand it?

The second is that after the man had given all he had for over 8 years, he developed a cold feeth and could not love the lady again. It was then that the lady in question realized that the man truly loved her. She then admitted that her past experience and loss in other men caused her not to believe the love from the beginning?
Posted by krisonyebuchi on Jan 01 2014 @18:49
Hmm..d list is sooo long
Posted by oyetundun on Dec 22 2013 @08:55
You all have well responded that's very good if so. But hope you're practicing it. I wish you success in your endeavors
Posted by angelofjoy on Dec 14 2013 @18:13
yes i am that man every ledy will love to have, am humble and simple.
Posted by austine528 on Dec 03 2013 @11:08

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