Why You Need to Break the Dating Rules Sometimes

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There are so many different dating rules around that it can make your head spin. If you are reading this article now, you have probably already heard your fair share of them. “Never go to sleep angry,” “Always wait 3 months before having $ex” There seems to be an assorted mix of practical advice and just plain crazy tips. If this mixed bag of dating rules have left you scratching your head, then maybe it’s time to forget about them!

You Need to Be Yourself and Recognize Others

Forget about the labels. There are entirely too many relationship advice articles that talk about “nice guys” or “bad girls.” That is entirely too simplistic. You shouldn’t focus too much on finding or avoiding a particular type. You might not have a lot of information about the person that you are dating yet, but they probably have many facets to their personality.

If you are trying to play a type or just viewing your partner as a one-dimensional character, you are almost certainly not going to get too far with your relationship. Just focus on being yourself and getting to know your date as an individual.

Just because you read that guys like girls with strong personalities does not mean that your date will. Not all men love sports, and not all women will gush over jewelry. Pay attention to your date or you will risk insulting him with thoughtless assumptions.

Don’t Write the Rules in Stone

Never say never. Your relationship doesn’t need to follow a specific timeline. You are not working with a deadline here. Every relationship is different. If you are both happy with the course that you are taking, forget about everything else.

Paying too much attention to other people’s advice on relationships and dating can create disaster. The same thing that worked for them might not work for you. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it.

Stop Panicking and Start Being Realistic

Just because you read an article that says that your partner isn’t interested if he doesn’t text you the morning after your date, doesn’t mean that it is true. Follow your instincts a bit. Dating rules are full of conditions. If he or she does this, you should dump the person immediately. That might be true with some cases, but it just doesn’t always apply. Leave if you are unhappy but, beyond that, you should be setting your own terms.

So many dating rules are outdated now. If you prefer to split the cost of your dates then do it. If you are dating someone who doesn’t accept it then that person is probably not right for you. If you are constantly worried about your date losing respect for you because you do this or don’t do that, you are never going to have a comfortable, trusting relationship.

Have Fun

You are not a detective. You don’t need to be looking for signs at every turn. Of course, you should keep your eyes open for a problem but don’t obsessively look for them. Dating should be fun so just allow yourself to relax and enjoy it!




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