The Show Off that Can Turn Into A Disaster

Bunmi Fasina
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Sometimes when most people fall sleep at night, everything and other things in their life gets pushed into their subconscious. There are times it comes to them again as dreams and other times as nightmares. The percentage of those persons that are lucky enough to have a pleasant dream about their fears and worries is quite low. The truth is there are certain ages that people just don't fulfil the cliche, 'sleep like a baby' anymore. No matter how hard someone tries, that well deserved sound sleep that is craved for will only leave one with swollen eyeballs the next morning.

This brings me to the issue of finding the ideal partner. The how of it, to what and the what nots. One of the what nots is the ever popular sexting or phone sex as you might want to call it. This is a fun thing to do when it is mutual and the reason behind is because both parties want it.

Someone once asked me for it and I felt this huge disappointment at the pit of my stomach. The way its being done these days is just wrong. Guys don't even think twice when they ask for it and girls had ended up being blackmailed and raped after they had taken the path without caution.

What makes a guy tick? I always wonder, they tell you that people have different psychology that functions for them. I don't get this. I love the idea of falling in love but when I did in the past, it wasn't pretty. And it wasn't as if the two partners don't do what's expected of them, you just wonder what went wrong.

Keeping a relationship happy, fun and kinky is important. It goes beyond having the right size of boobs or bum or anything. It depends on what the two partners can come up with to make things right for them. A pretty face, a dazzling smile, a handsome body or a good bed routine isn't the only things one can look out for in a relationship that's headed somewhere meaningful.

There are certain ages quite right that the pressure mounts up and most ladies feel as if that phone sex routine is what is going to keep their man in check. They are so wrong. If care isn't taken and you take the wrong steps with this, with the wrong guy, its disaster of your own making. Keep it at the minimal and only when he is far away or something. Try not to do it too often or he will get bored and then starts wondering what others out there have to give. You are 35 and sending a picture of you boobs is the only thing you can come up with to keep your boyfriend yours, come on! Be creative and spontaneous.




Who is like unto there,oh oh Lord
Posted by princeeee on Aug 24 2014 @06:08
You are pretty right on this Bunmi,sexting will only give temporary satisfaction,over time the sensation and holding effect will fade to the thin air in other word what ladies taught is a means of holding their dream man is only mirage.There are better options of keeping an ideal partner.if you want information on this e-mail
Posted by uche12345 on Apr 25 2013 @11:11
Yh! This is true. Nt rilli gud,I dnt support it bt some ladies feels threatened if they dnt. D guy will be lyk,I v seen it jus dt am nt ard.wat r u hiding n all I pray,I get someone who doesn't require all dis cos I dnt lyk it either.thz.
Posted by ivygal on Jan 09 2013 @10:42
It' strange how sexting as they call it has now become almost an acceptable behaviour because technology has now made it so easy to exchange images privately. A lot of people you would not normally expect to do such things now see no problem with it. I wonder if that's how dating in the 21st century will increasingly become.
Posted by sexything on Jan 07 2013 @16:51
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