The secrets to losing weight after pregnancy

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Losing weight after pregnancy is not an easy task for young mothers, with the fact that there is lot of responsibilities attached to nursing a new born baby. Some even think that as soon as they give birth, they’ll return to their pre marriage weight but this is not achieved quickly for some reasons.                                                   

On the average, a woman gains more than 25 pounds in her gestational period. During childbirth, she may lose up to 14 pounds with about 11 pounds left. Some new moms may think it is not possible to shed off the extra baby fat but it can be lost especially during the post –partum period.          

The medical experts often recommend weight loss programs to mothers after giving birth to their baby and this means that it should start after three months. This is a combination of low-fat diet with moderate exercise. However, instant or quick results should not be expected as it will take up to nine months to get that pre marriage shape back. It is a gradual process as you will discover that your body needs time to recover after giving birth.       

Breast feeding actually helps to lose weight. According to the American college of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the discovery that breast feeding leads to the production of hormones that enables the uterus to return to its normal size is true. Take note that breast feeding alone won’t bring back your pre marriage shape, except you combine it with moderate exercise program and sensible diet. Only then can you rid the baby fat and get your shape back successfully. Remember that you and your baby need at least 1800 calories daily to keep healthy. You should also avoid the consumption of junk food at this time of your life and keep only to foods that are of high nutritional value in order to maintain the the ideal level of calories per day.     

Exercising after the birth of your child has a lot of advantages attached to it. Apart from the fact that it helps in weight loss, exercise helps in alleviating depression associated with after birth and improve your mood, as well as boosting self confidence.

Your diet as a nursing mother of the new born, should include low fat, vitamin rich and high fiber. Avoid fad diet as this could be dangerous to your health and slow down your recovery from child birth. It is very good to set weight loss goals after the birth of your baby but be careful not to overdo it. Take note of the fact that there’s a limit to which you can lose weight at a time so take it easy and slowly.  

With all that has been discussed earlier, when you combine light exercise, nutritious food as well as patience, you’ll definitely get that pre -marriage shapes you so desired back.

Keep fit.



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