Step up ladies. Ask a good man out

George Uwaifo
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Understanding women is really one of the complicated things for men like me to comprehend. I grew up as a very shy kid.  I never really could look women in the eye and talk to them even though I liked them and would have like to be friends with them. I was always the type who was academically sound and I put so much into studying and it paid off at the end of my secondary and tertiary educations.  I have since grown out of my deep academic personality to do other things in life.

Back in the day, while in school, the most common observation was the way girls usually flock around guys who, by all standards, were mediocre in academics, morals and lacking basic values. Sure,  these guys were hip, rich,  smooth with words, seen as cool and engaged in all sorts of vices like partying, drinking and smoking.  These were the ones who got all the beautiful  girls.  Their relationships usually played out like a soap opera with all the dramas- highs and lows as they get.  The girls never seemed to mind, they were just content being with these bloated egos.  Those of us who stuck to academics placed our hopes on being successful in our chosen disciplines and eventually getting the ladies or girls of our dreams.  Some of us eventually do, but some still struggle many years after school.

The real problems in such flamboyant relationships, where the attraction is based on very superficial attributes is that they eventually wake up from the deep sleep, and find out the truth.  The truth that their partners were not who they appeared to be with all the sweet talk and flashy looks.  A person can only hide his or her true personality for so long.  A little life challenge would bring that out in one fell swoop which might lead to physical or verbal assaults on the partner or close family members.   I believe girls are usually too carried away by the  materialistic aspect of the male partners especially in Nigeria.

Girls should be partly intuitive with guys at certain stages in their lives.  If you really like a guy, do your best to let them know because it might be the only opportunity you have to actually have a shot at that one special person.  Most good guys are shy and would hardly make advances for fear of rejection.  Although that is definitely a bad approach to life because without risks, there can't be true success, but that is the fact of life.  Put the ego aside and ask a man out if he did not have the courage to do it first, he would eventually come around and take it from there.

When we wait too long and let our egos and pettiness get the best of us, we find out that we had literarily missed the bus of our true love so many years ago and most times such situations cannot be reversed.  So ladies, step up and give a little wink or smile in the direction of your guy and warm up to him. This might be your best ever life decision.




I am of d opinion it is d man dat is d hunter, if he is too shy to hunt n catch his meal, den hunger remains his bosom friend. Just thinking old school.
Posted by COG on Dec 11 2013 @09:45
I am of d opinion it is d man dat is d hunter, if he is too shy to hunt n catch his meal, den hunger remains his bosom friend. Just thinking old school.
Posted by COG on Dec 11 2013 @09:16
You couldn`t be further from the truth @NANCYMILLER
Posted by george75 on Jul 10 2013 @07:35
Hello. Interesting piece and pretty interesting comments as well. @NDY2020, I understand where you're coming from by referring to "he who finds...". On the other hand, I also want to draw your attention to the story of Ruth in the bible. Following the advice of her mother-in-law, she went out to the fields where she knew Boaz was working. She didn't necessarily have to throw herself at him, and as George said the demeanor and body language of a woman a.k.a green light can encourage a good man to make a move. Furthermore, relationships don't follow strict rules, different things work for different people and some successful marriages have come out of a woman making the first move...
Posted by nancymiller on Jul 09 2013 @21:11
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but my point is, there is a way which seems right to a person but the end thereof is the way of destruction. Chanage or no change, man has become enemy to man.
Posted by ndy2020 on Jul 06 2013 @11:37
u cannot change change .Eigter u change along with change or change will leave u behind because it is a constant thing whether is truth or not provided the change does not hurt humanity in any way .That is the most important thing . That is my point as a social scientist
Posted by ugoma on Jul 05 2013 @16:03
@NDY2020 I respect your opinion because you are entitled to one. But quite frankly, when you inject religious beliefs into every conversation, then you become bias essentially. Chirp in guys and ladies to contribute your view points.
Posted by george75 on Jul 05 2013 @15:08
@Ugoma, the fact that its approved by the society does not make it right. The truth remains the TRUTH!.
Posted by ndy2020 on Jul 05 2013 @13:07
ND2020 U dont understand the world u are in .Well I dont think u ar social scientist .Are u aware that America has approved gay marriage ?That is y u are talking as if U ar living in two centuries ago. Ask social scientists about wot is happening
Posted by ugoma on Jul 05 2013 @09:52
I can now understand why a lot of men have lost their crown as a man. The favour that follows finding has been transferred to the woman who did the asking and chasing as against the man. "Laughing and shaking my head"
Posted by ndy2020 on Jul 04 2013 @16:37

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