Online Flirting for Self-Respecting Women

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Flirting can get to be just plain embarrassing. In person, it can be awkward but there are some body language cues that you can give and receive to make things progress more naturally. When you are chatting online or by text, all of these body language cues are gone and you are just staring at a cold screen. Like it or not, in today’s day and age this is one of the primary modes for landing a partner, so you need to learn to operate well with just written feedback.


Compliments Will Get You Far

Guys often get shorted in the compliments department. If you want to let him know that you are interested and brighten up his day a bit, just throw him a few compliments. Try to be natural and normal though. Sincerity is definitely important here. Look for opportunities to be kind. Superficial compliments will only get you so far. Go ahead and compliment his shirt if you really like it but these compliments aren’t all that valuable.


If you want him to know that you like him, ask for his opinion. Let him talk about the things that he really cares about. Ask him what he likes about his job. Have him recommend a book or a song to you. Let him just know that you think that he is interesting.


Open Up to Him

Show him your fun side. Tell him about your day. Even if you haven’t done anything particularly interesting, share some details with him. Let him get to know you and the things that you really care about it. There is no need to start dishing on the worst of the worst but we naturally create bonds by sharing secrets. Tell him about the things that are important to you. Talk about how you love to go out with your friends every Thursday or that you have been learning a new craft for the last few months.


Tell Him How Great You Are

Saying that women talk too much might be a stereotype but there is at least a little bit of value to it. In general (with many exceptions of course) men prefer a more direct style of communication. If you are trying to talk yourself up, you need to be a bit less subtle than you might want to be. Keep your stories short and sweet, and underline the main message that you want to communicate.


Clarity Above All

If you want him to know that you like him, make sure that your message is loud and clear. If you are new to the business of flirting, run some things by your male friends. Don’t push yourself to say anything that doesn’t feel natural, but make sure that you are getting across the message that you want. If you like talking to him, say that. After you tell him that, make a point to say that you are looking forward to talking to him again soon. You need to distinguish your real interest from meaningless polite chitchat.




Hi dear, how is the going, I will love to know u, u look gorgeous.
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