Do Nigerians Embrace Online Dating ?

Temi T
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As you read this article, do people in your life know that you’re a member of (MN) or are you embarrassed to admit it? Or have you been in a situation where the name of this website came up in a group conversation with your Naija friends, and your heart skipped a bit while you tried to re-gain composure and keep a straight face, pretending you didn’t know what they were talking about? On the other hand, it’s equally likely that you’ve never been in such a situation because everyone’s keeping it to themselves, aha!

I know someone who met her husband on facebook and didn’t want to divulge this information about how they met on their wedding website . . . Err? Moving along (lol), in this age of social media and Web 2.0 or is it 3.0, why are people, not just Nigerians, still skeptical or for lack of better terms – “weirded out” - about online dating ?

It seems people view online dating as a sign of “desperation”.  Really? I don’t think so. What’s the difference in motive of people who go to nightclubs, churches or crash weddings to “scope” “eligibles”? Oh please don’t pretend to be shocked! Lol – By the way I’ve done one out of the three I just mentioned; not that you care ; - ). Anyway, it appears that we tend to find these behaviors more “acceptable” (correct me if I’m wrong).

My point is, being on the lookout and opening yourself up to the possibilities of finding a partner / date / or whatever you’re looking for is what people have always done and will continue to do. However we choose to go about finding love, one thing I’m pretty sure about is that no one wants to grow old alone.

What do you think about the stigma - too strong of a word perhaps, but I’m sure you catch my drift - attached to online dating? What do you think makes people uncomfortable to do it or admit to it? I’m also curious to know how you discovered this site – a friend who thought I was getting too old and that I should be proactive about changing my marital status recommended this site to me on my birthday, after a lengthy lecture of course : )




online dating is risky,but remeber the life we are living is risky too.but when u are sincere and truthful about ur profile why not .u av a chance of
meeting nice and good people online.
Posted by tracycute on Aug 09 2014 @01:19
You just hit the nail on the head.. My dear love is worth looking for no matter the route you choose.. Its either you take the risk or you dwell in loneliness and live all your life as a single.. Beside someday maybe online dating will be termed ' old fashioned' .. I was here and I found love and a true friendship in my man.. This is what matters the most not what people think anyway. Goodluck on ur search! Ps I prefer to keep my I'd discreet.
Posted by discreet on Sep 29 2012 @22:59
Am so lonely its been awhile i feel inlove.i need sum1 in my life now,buh he must be Godfearing and hardworking
Posted by Maryjane on Sep 15 2012 @10:49
Online dating is good but it seems more desperate due to the fact that you are willing to meet a stranger online(someone who probably might have lied about themselves and sent u a picture of a pretty damsel or prince charming when in reality the person looks like shrek or fiona). Looks aside, the person could be a raving lunatic or a psychotic killer(sorry if am scaring u there), remember the case of cynthia Osokogu...Well, i am not saying online dating is bad, its good for some people but i would much rather meet a man face to face, come to terms with his flaws and strenghts and learn to love him for them.
Posted by linda on Sep 11 2012 @10:14
I would love 2 meet some1 online but I don't av d opportunity
Posted by oyinda3005 on Sep 08 2012 @15:00
I'd love 2 meet one but av nt gotten d opportunity
Posted by oyinda3005 on Sep 08 2012 @14:58
Hello fellow writer, I am sure of this and can tell you that desperation means when you cant meet anyone online or offline. People meet partners online.There is no stigma to me in meeting someone online, where the stigma lies is in never meeting anyone even after coming online. Ie never getting a date.
Posted by Ama Judy on Sep 02 2012 @12:45
The 'stigma' attached to on-line dating is fading away as people start to see similarities between it and other 'conventional' means. As a long-term on-line dater, I find the beauty of it lies in its directness. You need not prevaricate around your reason for approaching a girl. Double coincidences of wants is easily established and prior to the eventual face-to face encounter people are able to probe each other better than they would if they had met by more traditional means. Once you can persuade a woman to come out for a date, most even turn out to be a lot easier to get on with.
Posted by Smoothtalker on Aug 30 2012 @15:17
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