6 Ways To Show Him You're The One

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If you’re in a relationship long enough to know your boyfriend is your soul-mate and you want to nearly spend every waking moment with him…you’re head over heels for the guy, that’s crystal clear. But you need to come back to earth just a little bit and take a good look in the mirror. If you like what you see, you like the way he makes you feel and if you know it’s not something that will pass in a month of two, it’s time to act.

Here’s 6 ways to let your man know you’re the one, Try to do at least one of the following and you should be on your way to a lifetime of happiness.

Tip 1: Give him his space

 Now this might sound a bit surprising, to say the least, and probably not the first thing on your mind when thinking about some clever way to show that special man in your life you’re the one for him. But I can guarantee this is something every man wants and needs, and this happens quite often. Whether he loves to go shoot hoops with the guys or go bowling and smoke cigars from time to time, you have to admit it; there are certain things he needs to do on his own, or together with his buddies. So you need to understand this and stay away as much as you can. Let him be, let him enjoy his spare time and do something for yourself for a change. He will greatly appreciate your considerate nature, he will understand that you want what’s best for him, that you respect the man he is and that you are not going to try to change him. Let him go watch the game without picking a fight each time he chooses to do so, be relaxed and encourage him to offer you the same amount of freedom.  

Tip 2: Guess what I bought you!

Show him just how special and caring you are and buy him a nice shirt or his favorite cologne every now and then as a special surprise. Pay close attention to the things he loves and make sure you reward him just out of nowhere with your special gift. It doesn’t really have to be his birthday or any other special day to offer him a small token of your love. On the contrary, the more out of the blue your gifts are, the better he will understand just how special the girl he kisses goodnight really is.

Tip 3: Don’t sound needy 

Sure, you’re a sensitive girl, we get it; but do you really have to show this 24/7? It might be cute and sexy at first, but your man will stop showing compassion for your whining and clinging eventually, especially if it’s unnecessary. So you need to avoid smothering him. You need to let him see you are able to take care of yourself, you are independent and you’re doing OK on your own, but you do prefer to have the man you love by your side to build a future with.

Tip 4: Embrace his shortcomings

You need to show your man you are completely fine with his flaws, and you need to let him know you don’t want to transform him into a new person. Of course you can adjust some of the things that are really disturbing lol; but remember not to go too far. I remember a commercial with a girl and her boyfriend; when they met, he used to own a motorcycle; he wore long hair and a leather jacket. He used to drink beer and hang out in bars. Once their relationship evolved, she changed him completely; she made him cut his hair, wear different clothes, buy a car instead of his motorcycle and drink wine instead of beer. So one day, she comes to him, looks him straight into the eyes and says: “You’re not the man I fell in love with!” and dumps him. How about that? I guess no further explanations are needed here. Let’s move on.

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to say I’m sorry

 If you make a mistake don’t be afraid to admit it and say “I’m sorry”. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a relationship is not admitting when you are wrong. We’re all human and nobody’s right all the time, by admitting and apologizing for your mistakes your boyfriend will trust and respect you more, which will make your bond grow that much stronger.  

Tip 6: Whenever he’s ready…

You need to take your time and let him come to you. Don’t nag him about telling you how he feels – men normally fall in love a lot harder and often experience a lot of problems when it comes to making their deepest feelings heard and known, even to their longtime girlfriend, so you need to make sure he reaches out to you only when he is ready.

These are some of the basic steps you should take in order to make the guy sitting beside you understand you are the special lady he has been looking for. You need to give him a push from time to time and not be afraid to let him know you don’t want to change him, you don’t want to force him to do anything, you just want to share your love with him.





True, what if all these are not shone, its a clear sign she doesn't want you right?
Posted by kuyeadewale on Nov 20 2014 @11:55
hello dear friend how are you doing nice meeting you pls can i know you more better am terry or call me 08080201078
Posted by italoben70 on Oct 13 2014 @23:09
Very correct. All the above were obviously displayed by my ex and i told him off
Posted by temyboyo on Sep 25 2014 @17:03
really nice to know
Posted by efegirl on Sep 23 2014 @15:56
it been wonderful

Posted by boby on Sep 17 2014 @00:40
Posted by Tosin on Sep 05 2014 @10:00
U are rite
Posted by Tosin on Sep 05 2014 @09:59
Care for him
Posted by aishasewa on Aug 23 2014 @20:54
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