5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

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It’s safe to say they call men the opposite sex for a reason. Men and woman may share some similar qualities, but for the most part, it’s fair to say we are extremely different. From the way they walk to the manner in which they speak, they handle their day to day lives with a different attitude and actions us women would never think to take. We’ve compiled the top 5 things every woman should know about men. Pay attention, ladies. You just might learn something.

1. Men Want to Feel Needed. This may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. Although women are considered the needier sex, men do crave attention as well. Today, women are all about independence. And although your man might be all about that, he wants to still feel in charge. Men are eager to impress and enjoy being helpful. It makes them feel important and needed, something we all enjoy. Let him flex his manly qualities every once in a while. Can’t open that pickle jar or maybe that shelf is out of reach? Step back and let a him save the day. Lol.

2. Men Are Doers. Men are action orientated. They’re all about handling situations rather than thinking them over, which can get them into a bit of trouble on occasion. For the most part, it confuses women. We assume that because men aren’t always vocal when it comes to emotions that they may not feel the same way. Before you jump down his throat, consider how he acts around you. Even if he doesn’t always say “I love you” his actions may hold the true key to how he really feels.

3. Men Can’t Read Minds and Hate Trying to do it. This should go without saying, but women often forget this one. Although women are very intuitive and can read people and situations very easily, men do not share the same talent. They don’t know why you’re upset, and likely won’t be able to get you the amazing birthday present you really want without you passing a few not too subtle hints. Don’t expect guys to know what’s the matter if you don’t speak up. If there’s something bothering you, or you want something from him, say it. Like my grandfather use to tell me, “a closed mouth don’t get fed.”

4. Men Have Insecurities Too. Women are known for being too critical of themselves, but men are also harsh when it comes to their own flaws too. They could be body conscience and get hung up on certain aspects of their physical appearance. Some don’t feel strong in the bedroom, while others just aren’t sure you find their jokes funny. You know how you sometimes ask how you look in that new dress just to hear how amazing you are? Compliments feel good. Guys think so too! Throw him a few compliments every once in a while to remind him how sexy and amazing he is. He will love you more for it.

5. Men Unwind Differently. When there’s drama in the office or with family and friends, women like to talk about it. Gabbing with the girls over a few martini’s is an all time favorite when it comes to letting off steam. For guys? Not so much. When men are upset, they usually like to be alone and don’t enjoy discussing the matter. Guys are all about solving problems quickly and efficiently. Logically orientated, they prefer to keep silent and get the job done, rather than worry about it and discuss the matter for days. When they need some alone time they’ll stick to sports games, or hang with their guys. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with you, or isn’t open to discuss his issues with you. It just means he needs a break to breath, assess, and sort it all out.

Men and women are very different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put forth an effort to understand each other. Take note, men are action oriented creatures who need a self esteem boost every now and then to keep moving forward. Keep things open and positive, and your relationship with him will flourish.

By: Naomi Epps





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